GCR Crypto Investments in 2021

GCR Crypto Investments in 2021


Since launching the $GCR token 6 months ago and kicking off the inception of our DAO, the community has grown organically into one of the best Discords for high-quality discussions in the Web3 space.

Members who join by holding the GCR token have enjoyed a number of benefits, such as direct access to crypto news and insights through Global Coin Research’s writing platform, founder meetings and teach-in workshops, and investment opportunities in emerging technology companies in the crypto and non-crypto space.

As we continue to grow and expand our community, here’s a look back on 2021 and how far we’ve come, through our community investments.

GCR Investments in 2021

GCR members pride themselves on being one of the early pioneers among the investment DAOs, alongside The LAO, Komorebi, Flamingo and PleasrDAO. We aim to continue pushing the frontier and making breakthroughs in the Web3 investment space by disrupting the status quo. If you want to learn more about our investment DAO, make sure to join our Discord and participate in the discussions.

In the spirit of pushing the frontier, this is the first time we are releasing our community investments publicly.

Stats on Our Returns Thus Far

Back in August, we shared stats of our investment opportunities. Here’s an update on some of those stats.

To date, GCR members have had access to 120+ crypto and non-crypto investment opportunities at various stages including pre-seed, seed, liquidity mining, growth equity, and more.

GCR members have directly met over 100+ founders through our investment deals, AMAs sessions, and ongoing events (digital and IRL).

GCR Investments On Average Have Seen Returns of >40x**For projects/companies that have become liquid/marked-up

Here’s a look at the investments broken out by categories.

1. Social Tokens and DAOs

The Social Token sector is a sleeping giant in the crypto market. The sector’s market cap is $5.67B, which makes up only 0.19% of the total crypto market cap. However, as practitioners who live and breathe Web3 everyday we envision a huge incoming wave for social tokens. We continue to keep pace with and invest in high-quality projects in this sector.

2. DeFi

DeFi is the biggest sector in the crypto industry with a sector market cap of $149.46B. GCR community members are passionate users and participants in various DeFi ecosystems and networks cross chain.

3. NFTs and Games

The GCR community has become more engaged in NFTs and Crypto  Gaming after deep collaboration with some of our partners, including YGG and Axie Infinity. We believe that the NFT and Crypto Gaming sectors will onboard the next billion users to the crypto ecosystem, and we are excited to be part of that journey and support amazing founders in this space.

4. Infrastructure and Middleware

Based on our own experience as a DAO, we realize just how mission-critical infrastructure and middleware are in helping us effectively execute our vision. As users of these products, we are especially supportive of this investment thesis as it will help push the technological frontier towards a better DAO experience for many Web3 communities.

Ongoing Focus on Web3

In the last year, the GCR community has come across a number of projects across various industries at various fundraising stages. It’s probably no surprise that we’ve found that our investment thesis and community strength are most aligned in the Web3 space.

At this point going forward, we want to continue to support and invest in early-stage projects at the pre-seed to seed level.

In addition, we want to continue to partner with these founders and projects not only with capital but also with ongoing engagement with our community through live events, marketing, product AMAs, and more. We’re proud to support these founders and can’t wait to work with them as their projects grow and mature.

Join Us

We believe the future of Web3 investing will be driven by social token communities and DAOs. Anyone who joins our token-gated Discord community can contribute to building this future together.

See you soon!

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