$GCR Community Call Recap – 1/11/22

$GCR Community Call Recap – 1/11/22


  • Last One Month of Accomplishments
  • Deal Calls
  • Public Events
  • GCR Newsletter
  • Happening Right Now (Ongoing Programs)
  • Partnerships
  • Upcoming Plans

December Events

  • Deal Calls: 18
  • Public Events: 14
  • Weekly Hangouts: 6
  • New Member Onboarding Call: 2
  • Exclusive Investor Huddle: 2
  • Token Club Discussion: 2
  • Monthly Community Call: 1
  • Special Event : GCR Winter Holidays:1

Deal Calls

  • Closer
  • Clutch Wallet
  • FanFury
  • Florence Finance
  • Good Ghosting
  • Herd Social
  • Hirect
  • Lakea
  • Leda Health
  • Photure  
  • Plastiks  
  • PRTN  
  • Rand Network 
  • reNFT  
  • The DAOist 
  • Topology  
  • YOLOrekt  
  • Zeta Markets

Public Events

  • Doing The DAO Thing: Chat with @rafathebuilder of CabinDAO
  • Doing The DAO Thing: Chat with Richard of STP
  • Doing The DAO Thing: Chat with @thattallguy of Seed Club
  • Doing The DAO Thing: Chat with @albiverse (Louis)
  • Fireside Chat: HanDAO
  • Fireside Chat: IDEOGCR Exclusive: Metatheory
  • GCR Exclusive: Big Time Studios SPACE NFT Sale
  • GCR Exclusive: STAPLEVERSE
  • GCR Exclusive: Layer3 Meets Global Coin Research
  • GCR Twitter Spaces: GCR AMA hosted by Polygon
  • GCR Twitter Spaces: DAO 2.0 Playbook
  • GCR Twitter Spaces: Social Tokens
  • Zealous Demo & AMA Call

Special Event 


GCR Winter Holidays Giveaways

  • Bitchcoin NFT worth 1.8 eth
  • $GCR Tokens
  • Free Memberships 
  • Apple AirPods Pro

GCR Newsletter

  • Total of 9 newsletters was sent out in December
  • ~31k audience
  • Average 30% open rate

Happening Now

Ongoing Programs

  • Recruit-a-friend
  • Participate to Win Raffle Promo
  • Token Club Topic Suggestions
  • GCR Star of the Week
  • GCR WYA meet-up Program
  • Media Mining Monthly Special
  • GCR Layer 3 Bounties

Deal Partnership 

  • External Sourcing
    • Lunatic Capital / hanDAO / des Femmes
  • Internal Sourcing
    • GCR members contributing sourced deals for a % of the carry

Upcoming Plans

Three Key Initiatives  

  1. Membership Pricing
  2. Liquidity Management
  3. Carry Structure


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