IDEO, 1kx, Founders of YGG, and Polygon Back Research and Investment DAO Global Coin Research

IDEO, 1kx, Founders of YGG, and Polygon Back Research and Investment DAO Global Coin Research

Other participants include IDEO, 1kx, Valhalla Capital, and HanDAO among other strategic angels.

Global Coin Research (“GCR”), a research and investment DAO focused on Web3, has raised $1.2mn from a number of strategic supporters and prominent Web3 leaders in the web3 space.

As an alumni of Seed Club’s social token/DAO accelerator, GCR has been focused on expanding its community and hiring. This treasury diversification effort brings in a diverse and unified group of partners and operators that will “advise [GCR] on best practices for [its] next leg of growth and expansion,” according to GCR’s announcement on its website (to come).

Strategic partners in this round include IDEO CoLab Ventures, 1kx, Valhalla Capital, HanDAO, and GBIC. Prominent Web3 leaders include Gabby Dizon and Beryl Li (co-founders of YGG), Jaynti Kanani (CEO of Polygon), Zhuoxun Yin (co-founder of Magic Eden), and Jenil Thakker (CEO of Coinvise), Alex Mesmaj, (CEO of Showtime), Miss Bitcoin Mai, among others.

While GCR’s focus is research and investing,  a community-first approach remains the north star.  That approach has led to a newsletter of 31,000 subscribers, touting weekly readers such as Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, Ryan Sean Adams of Bankless, along with reporters from the Wall Street Journal and The Information. Their Discord and physical events have also seen an impressive lineup of past partners such as Axie Infinity, YGG, Maple Finance, Coinvise and Syndicate Protocol.

GCR Membership tiers grant access to various products and services on the Discord community server – from as low as 100 GCR to as high as 400 GCR. The highest membership tier is Gold, which, at a GCR token price of ~$3, is around $1,200.

Potential members right now can purchase the tokens in the open market, but may also earn tokens by contributing high-quality writing and research to, or by directly participating in various bounties that have been set up to incentivize community participation. 

One of the ethos of GCR DAO is to bring high-quality insights and investment opportunities to the everyday investor. “GCR’s goal is to lower the barrier to entry for investing in high-quality, web3 projects,” says the GCR team. “While the LAO and other DAOs charge double-digit ETH amounts to join, the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and require that you be some special person to join, GCR has very intentionally lowered the barriers to entry while still maintaining the same standard of quality for the project.” says the team. Historically, GCR has co-invested in projects alongside leading venture capital firms Framework Ventures, Polychain Capital, 1Confirmation, and others.

With the newly infused capital in the treasury, the GCR core team plans to expand into sub-DAOs with other investment partners. These sub-DAOs will focus on researching and investing in specific verticals, such as DeFi or NFTs, while also expanding beyond Ethereum and Solana. They also plan to formalize a grants program to further their local community presence across the globe.

To see the full list of angels, funds and GCR members participating:

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