Nifty Comedians

Nifty Comedians

Looking for a new use case of blockchain technology? You like comedy and NFTs? Then this next project is something you might be interested in.


Nifty Comedians is the first blockchain-based comedy Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) marketplace. These NFTs give their owners unique rights to a piece of a creator’s work. This is a novel idea that allows up and coming comedians to gain exposure, monetise their talents through their original content, and create a community around them.

In Web 2.0., many influencers, celebrities, and businesses these days use social media or other media streams to monetise their skills or services. Typically, in such scenarios, the medium or platform that they use, for instance, Facebook or Instagram, shares the revenue and exerts artistic control on their content. With Web 3.0., the possibilities are limitless for artists and Nifty Comedians is a great example of that. For comedy fans, Nifty Comedians is a way to discover new comedians, collect and display their favourite collections. Furthermore, the comedy NFT store provides an opportunity to buy and sell comedy clips, podcasts and jokes.


Nifty Comedians was founded in June 2021 by Jack McDermott, who had the original idea of minting jokes on blockchain in order to prevent plagiarism. The original idea then got more ambitious and turned into building the first one stop-shop platform for comedy. The core team consists of solid developers, designers, managers, writers and advisers with years of experience. The platform is built on NEAR Protocol, which is a Proof of Stake decentralised application platform. The platform is built from the ground up to be more accessible, user friendly and scalable, which allows for great use cases like Nifty Comedians. It is a high-performance blockchain backed by top VCs like A16Z, Pantera Capital, etc. The platform also supports Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution, Polygon. This will further improve the adoption the marketplace as users will be able to participate in an easy and accessible way with cheap fees.


Jack McDermott is an experienced founder with a background of creating and managing social token communities (Karma Credits). Hence, it is no surprise that the project is also going to introduce social tokens, which will allow fans to earn rewards by curating the content on the platform and participate in different events. This will create real engagement where fans will be able to rate comedy NFTs and even rate Roast Battles between different comedy collections.

Nifty Comedians will try to recreate the banter and hilarious interactions between comedians and fans, experienced during live stand-up comedy events. Social tokens provide the same benefits, privileges, rights to the piece of content to all investors invested in them, which in addition to the unique features of NFTs, gives their owners tremendous value above the traditional equity ownership. Furthermore, the core team of the project is helping with onboarding comedians on the platform, setting up their drops, advising them and sharing insights. Lastly, Nifty Comedians is also working with comedians to participate in NFT Comedy Shows in the metaverse, like Decentraland. I know… quite exciting indeed.


Nifty Comedians is a niche platform that is the first of its kind and aligns the incentives of both comedians and fans. By taking the lion share of the profits, the stand-up comedians are able to generate an income stream through NFTs. On the other hand, the fans of these comedians can directly own their favourite joke or a skit and help them grow, while being part of their journey. Purchasing an NFT of your favourite artist/comedian is also a way of you showing your support and being part of the community. The introduction of a social token will further grow the adoption of the platform. While the project is so new and unproven yet, it is clear that it has a huge potential going forward.

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