GCR 2.0

GCR 2.0

Since GCR launched, we’ve grown tremendously. 

With 3,000+ members and 30%+ MoM growth in membership, we’ve deployed $30M+ as an investment DAO in 30+ deals. We’ve seen incredible demand for high-quality deals, and a ton of engagement from our dedicated members in sharing insights, alpha and sourcing new investments. Thank you all for being such an integral part of our community.

As we come upon our 1 year anniversary, we want to roll out a few new initiatives.

We’re excited to announce ?? GCR 2.0!

We are introducing:

  • New Membership Tiers
  • GCR Membership Upgrade Program
  • GCR Deal Dashboard
  • GCR Angel Network

For more information and the full list of all initiatives, check out our live announcement on Notion.

When GCR first started, our vision was to create a community-driven investment DAO where the best Web3 deals get sourced by community members for community members – a decentralized VC. Take sourcing as an example. Initially, 100% of our investment opportunities were sourced by the Core Team. But at the year mark, we’ve hit a point where a significant portion of our deals is sourced from the bottom up, straight from the community members. Over the next few years, our aim is for 100% of our deal flow to come from the community. We believe GCR’s global community is our unique edge in surfacing the next game-changing Web3 projects.

Additionally, we want to continue to push the boundary of investing by redefining how powerful community-led investment vehicles are. Through our community members, and our new Angel Network, GCR provides unique value-add to the projects that we partner with.

For existing members who would like to upgrade their membership, check out our DApp created by our two talented developers ndrew#8483 and 0xjm#9061!

Thank you all again for the continued support. Come hang with us in our Discord!

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