GCR Community Call Recap – 3/08/22

GCR Community Call Recap – 3/08/22


Introductions: Welcome Extamiz

Last One Month of Accomplishments

Deals & Investing Recap

What’s New?

New GCR 2.0 Membership Tiers

Ongoing Campaigns

Deal Sourcing 

Upcoming Plans


New Core Team Member  

  • Extamiz – Video Editor

February Events Chart

February Overview-> Deals & Investing

Deal call: DAOFront +  Infinity Keys +  Morpho Labs  + Mural + Syndicate + Decrypt +  Exponent + Nifty Comedians + MetaIntro + ScoutX + Alexandria + Atomic Form + Carapace + Debond + EmpireDAO + Lun + Open Forest Protocol + Otterspace + Pandora Invasion + Roketo

Events Highlights

  • Fireside Chat with Kyle Wang from Valhalla Capital on Twitter Spaces
  • Call with Talent Protocol presenting different Talents Recording here
  • Demo & AMA Call with Hedgey Recording here

What’s new?

  • GCR Snippets – short insightful audio scripts from past calls
  • GCR Weekly Video Recap Twitter Spaces – short video clip <1 min featuring GCR’s week highlights

GCR 2.0 Membership Tiers

Deal Sourcing

GCR Upcoming Plans

Three Key Initiatives  

  1. Strategy / Vision
  2. Angel Network
  3. Olympus Pro Partnerships

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