Announcing – GCR Angel Network

Announcing – GCR Angel Network

As part of GCR 2.0, we’re excited to introduce a brand new initiative – GCR Angel Network. When GCR first started, our vision was to create a community-driven investment DAO where the best Web3 deals get sourced by community members for community members – a decentralized VC. Every day we see this vision playing out with more members (30%+ MoM growth) and more high-quality deals.

At GCR, we believe Community is our Competitive Edge in surfacing and attracting the next game-changing Web3 projects. It is what sets us apart from more traditional forms of capital.

This is where the GCR Angel Network comes into play.

The Purpose of the GCR Angel Network is to tap into the power of Community Members to support our Portfolio Companies (‘PortCos’) and new projects. Our members are some of the most talented, thoughtful, and connected investors and builders in Web3, and we want to set up ‘Pods’ that allow our Portfolio Companies to tap into this pool of talent. In return for their contributions, members are eligible to be rewarded a portion of the investment carry in the projects they’ve helped.

As part of the announcement, we’re proud to release the following initiatives: ‘Angel Pods’ and ‘Office Hours’. For more information, check out our live announcement on Notion.

We are just getting started. The GCR Angel Network is the first of many initiatives we plan to roll out to further engage and leverage our community. Stay tuned.

As always, thank you all for the continued support. Come hang with us in our Discord!

Kind regards,

The GCR Core Team

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