From Beginner to Winner: The Everything Guide on NFTs

From Beginner to Winner: The Everything Guide on NFTs

When a Discord post becomes an article.

NFTs. An acronym that’s been seen everywhere but not understood by everyone. Cats, punks, apes, you name it. But what are they, really? Let’s get right into it.

Here’s a step-by-step no-bulls&#! guide on how to get started with NFTs:

1) Understand the basics of Non-Fungible Tokens

Binance Academy usually has great guides on all-things-crypto (adding Coinbase & Kraken’s guides too):

NFT Standards
NFT 'Fungibility'

2) Research the history of NFTs

Some great sources online – CryptoArt is my favourite:

NFT Timeline
(missing the full 2019 and beyond, but you get the point)
(Homework: What’s “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” and why is it important?)

3) Go shopping

Familiarise yourself with some of the first NFT ‘collectables’ marketplaces – Nifty Gateway & NBA Top Shot; see if there are any NFTs that might be of interest (you can buy NFTs directly with a debit/credit card!):

4) Get yourself some ETH

Now once you’re acquainted with the fundamentals, let’s get a bit more PRO. Recommendation – start vanilla, get started from mainnet Ethereum NFTs because that’s where the largest community is. To get $ETH:

  • do check any popular decentralised exchange
  • do check any popular centralised exchange
  • do not ask Vitalik for a free airdrop

5) Go swimming

It’s time to enter OpenSea – the world’s first largest NFT marketplace. At first, it will look odd and confusing but don’t worry – you’ll be converted to full degen in no time:

  • create your account
  • explore Top NFTs in ‘Stats’
  • always try to look for a blue ‘verified’ tick collections
  • click ‘Buy Now’, sort by ‘Most Viewed’ or by ‘Most Favorited’ to find the most popular NFTs that are available for purchase

Cool collections to get started with (ofc depending on the budget):

6) Keep exploring

There’s so much more than just Nifty Gateway, NBA Top Shot, and OpenSea out there!

'Dora The Explorer' from Noggin
(Dora the Degen Explora)

6.1) Dive into Art NFTs (digital, photography, generative, misc):

6.2) Dive into Music NFTs:

6.3) Dive into Fashion NFTs:

6.4) Dive into Gaming NFTs (it’s not just!!):

6.5) Dive into Metaverse NFTs:

6.6) Dive into Real Estate NFTs:

6.7) Dive into Membership NFTs:

6.8) Dive into Fractional NFTs:

6.9) Dive into DeFi + NFTs:

6.10) Other Marketplaces for Collectables on Ethereum:

6.11) Other Marketplaces for Collectables on Solana:

6.12) Other Marketplaces on Tezos & Other Blockchains:

7) Mint your first NFT!

Get your hands dirty:

Lambo Orango
(Lambo Orango)

8) Do more analytical research

Useful NFT tools:

9) Do more sentiment/social research

Useful NFT news sources:

10) Congrats and welcome to the club – now you’re a true NFT Degen Ape!

The NFT world is vast, go explore, be the ‘Dora’, and don’t forget to share your findings with all of us in the GCR Discord #nfts channel!! (wondering how to join GCR? Check out this page)

Hope this helps. No financial advice.


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