BreederDAO NFT Asset Factory is Poised to Disrupt the Gaming Guild Landscape

BreederDAO NFT Asset Factory is Poised to Disrupt the Gaming Guild Landscape

TL:DR- BreederDAO is on a tear to disrupt the P2E space. The current market valuation is attractive as the market cap is lower than the projects’ cash position and half that of the fund size. The stats are based on a confidential investor report retrieved by the GCR Research team.

Rapid Rise of P2E

Player vs Player (PvP), Player vs Environment (PvE) and Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming models are not new. However, the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies revolutionized the gaming space by introducing in-game rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that made these games lucrative, highly profitable and exciting. A notable example is the P2P crypto game Axie Infinity which quickly rose to popularity in 2018. It allowed gamers to breed creatures and earn huge money. 

Play-to-earn games have given rise to play-to-earn guilds. A guild is a crypto community of gaming lovers who come together to play crypto games and share data. It all started with Gabby Dizon and the team at YGG who quickly identified the increasing need for Axies in the Axie Infinity game and started leasing his Axies. With the onset of Yield Guild Games (YGG), new guilds followed such as IndiGG, OlaGG. 

However, the scalability of NFT assets is a big challenge for crypto gaming guilds. With venture funding rising for these P2E guilds, they are now looking for NFT asset manufacturing organizations for a seamless supply of in-game assets. BreederDAO rightly fits here.

Breederdao is the New Metaverse’s Prized Child

BreederDAO is a Philippian-based NFT asset manufacturing company that creates, breeds and customizes P2E NFTs for gaming guilds, making NFTs affordable and profitable to everyone. Termed the NFT factory, BreederDAO leverages AI tools to build high volumes of NFTs, enabling gaming ecosystems, including start-ups, to massively scale their operations cost-effectively. Breeding and crafting, a high level of customization, large-scale asset production, and community support and marketing are some of the key strengths of BreederDAO.

Notable investors and backers of the project include Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a California-based venture capital firm that is significantly investing in the NFT and Metaverse gaming space, along with Delphi Digital, Hashed, and more.

Very recently, the BREED team introduced Playcore, an information and analytics website for crypto gaming that is a powerful tool of the BreederDAO ecosystem. It showcases the expertise of the project in this segment and highlights the positioning of the company in the market.

20M in Revenue and 20Mn Raised from the IDO

Despite being a months-old startup, BreederDAO has already raised several eyebrows. With a sustainable project plan that is backed by experienced crypto experts, BreederDAO has now become the new choice for crypto gaming guilds. Based on a confidential investor report retrieved by the GCR Research team, the company has already $20M in revenue. Additionally, post a successful IDO last week, they’ve raised an additional $20mn for the treasury. With a current market cap of $17mn, we believe the project is significantly undervalued.

And the team won’t stop here. In a just couple of months, the $BREED team delivered 100K+ assets for gaming farms. Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Fancy Birds, Crabada and Cyball are some of the farms that are benefitting from NFT asset production from BreederDAO. The company has already partnered with 20+ games and 300+ guilds and 10 of them are already received a significant volume of assets from the company. 

The strength of BreederDAO lies in its vibrant community that is always active and supportive. The company has approximately doubled its community to 45K Twitter followers and 64K Discord members post-IDO. The company is launching a series of AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions in addition to engaging with Partner Games and Guilds to strategically highlight the brand name in the market in a quick time. The fact that the BreederDAO Builder Ambassador Program amassed 400 signups within 48 hours shows that the marketing efforts are driving good results. 

Looking Forward- Playcore will Level the Playing Field for the P2E Players

The first incubated product, Playcore, is now on the market. Playcore is an information and analytics website that consolidates the best resources across the blockchain gaming landscape and presents the information in an easily understandable format for novice users as well as advanced gamers. Right from content creators such as Daily Ape, Delphi Digital and Empharis to social media channels such as Twitter, Playcore collates crypto-gaming related information from all crypto-gaming channels to deliver clear insights into crypto nuances and profitable strategies. Going forward, BreederDAO plans to allow users to upload their own content related to specific topics or threads and streaming gameplays etc. Looking at the recent trends, Playcore is poised to become the Central Hub of Blockchain Gaming.

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