GCR Community Events Recap

GCR Community Events Recap

GCR Deal Engagement

  • BearTax – a crypto tax solution provider. BearTax helps you to fetch trades from everywhere, identify transfers across exchanges and auto-generate tax documents.
  • DaoTown – a flexible, modular dev framework for the DAOs of today and tomorrow. With a simple no-code interface for mainstream users.
  • FlowCarbon – accelerates climate change solutions by tokenizing voluntary carbon credits and bringing them on chain
  • GammaX – a high-performance perp DEX. Backed by StarkWare, Dexterity Capital, and LedgerPrime.
  • Gearbox Protocol – a generalized leverage protocol that allows anyone to get leverage in a decentralized way and use it across various other protocols in a composable way: margin trading, leverage farming, and more.
  • Kwil – a decentralized, community-owned SQL database solution to build dApps and protocols.
  • Magic Eden – Solana’s leading NFT marketplace
  • Mochi – a DAO tool improving Dao coordination via gaming.
  • Nametag – a naming service for the NFT and social DAO space. Have over 30k users (1/10 size of ENS), growing 15% week over week, 100+ partners, an ecosystem of apps, and have done $1+ million in revenue.
  • PangeaDAO – an Investment DAO that owns, operates, and finances income-generating Metaverse land, pooling capital into a community-governed treasury so members can participate in and benefit from Metaverse real estate investing.
  • Possum – an NFT-focused insurtech solution
  • Shell Protocol – a DEX that facilitates low slippage stablecoin swaps.
  • Stack3 – a Web3 ecosystem to transform how startups coordinate their activities (funding and building)
  • Twali – a decentralized marketplace for non-technical experts to find work in Web3.
  • Utopia Labs – Collaborative payroll + payments for your DAO, built on Gnosis


GCR Research 

Deep Dive in Terra Ecosystem – Terra is a blockchain protocol that enables the issuance of price-stable cryptocurrencies (called Terra stablecoins) that track the value of major fiat world currencies, providing the requisite infrastructure for a decentralized economy

GCR Trends: Polkadot vs Cosmos vs Avalanche

POLKADOTA platform enabling diverse blockchains to trustlessly transfer messages and value; sharing their unique features while pooling their security. Kusama is usedas the public testnet for Polkadot

COSMOSAn ecosystem of apps and services that exchange digital assets and data using the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

AVALANCHEAn open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications.

GCR Trends: The Current State of DeFi and the Avax Ecosystem



Deep Dive call with David Gan Founder and a General Partner of OP Crypto. OP Crypto invests out of two funds: OP Venture Fund and OP Fund of Funds. Op Crypto focuses primarily on emerging markets and emerging managers.

Deep Dive call with Ken Li Investment and M&A Director at Binance Labs. Binance Labs identifies, invests, and empowers viable blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the larger blockchain ecosystem.


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