GCR Community Events Recap

GCR Community Events Recap


Mainnet 2022 — September 21-23, 2022

TOKEN2049 Singapore — September 28-29, 2022



  • Airchains – Deal Call with Airchains, a Web3 toolset that allows you to build, deploy, and grow your DApps.
  • Airstack – Deal Call with Airstack, a protocol and an API for browsing, discovering, and consuming on-chain data.
  • Amihan – Deal Call with Amihan, a new Web3 game studio started by ex-Riot founders, one of whom has been a virtual economist for 9+ years for 15+ live service core games.
  • BlockGreen – Deal Call with BlockGreen, a DeFi protocol for BTC miners looking for financing and BTC holders looking for yield.
  • Bool VC – Deal Call with Bool VC, a $4.2M investment fund started by the CoinList team members: Spenser Huang and Michelle Fang. Spenser and Michelle are industry veterans with a long investment and track record at CoinList.
  • Skadi Labs – Deal Call with Skadi Labs a hands-on, Web3 product studio building at the intersection of decentralized and quantitative finance.
  • Excheqr – Deal Call with Excheqr, a leading security platform to manage digital assets across chains.
  • Frontdoor – Deal Call with Frontdoor a professional market network for Web3 talent.
  • Immuna – Deal Call with Immuna, a platform that helps institutional investors (Hedge Funds, Financial institutions, and Enterprises) manage their risks of investing in digital assets. The platform monitors and proactively defends investors’ digital asset investments from unexpected exploits and undesirable economic situations.
  • IntellaX – Deal Call with IntellaX, a Web3 gaming platform started by Neowiz (a Korean gaming company with an $800M+ market cap).
  • NF.TD – Deal Call with NF.TD, a project focused on building a simple social & professional network powered by curated on-chain credentials. Nf.TD is creating a “Web3 Linktree.” NF.TD aims to make on-chain identity useful by introducing a curated Web3 profile, which is shareable with one link.


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