GCR Community Events Recap

GCR Community Events Recap

Let’s recap the recent GCR community events.

GCR Community Events Recap



  • Breed VC – Deal Call with Breed VC, the Web3 Seed/Pre-Seed generalist fund focused on supporting vetted founders at their earliest stages in crypto.
  • DeepSquare – Deal Call with DeepSquare, the first community-owned association for building decentralized hardware infrastructures, hosting High-Performance Computing applications, fostering innovation, and supporting the development of social and environmentally-driven projects to improve the efficiency of the computing industry.
  • Nibiru – Deal Call with Nibiru, a scalable and interoperable, Tendermint Proof-of-Stake blockchain that acts as a DeFi hub for the interchain ecosystem.
  • Rampay – Deal Call with Rampay, a Web3 application for crypto exchanges, wallets, and NFT marketplaces, which enables its users to convert Fiat to Crypto and vice-versa using local payment methods of a region.
  • Sniper Labs – Deal Call with Sniper Labs, a startup building the next generation trading tools & analytics for NFT traders.
  • Sphere – Deal Call with Sniper Labs, a startup building the next generation trading tools & analytics for NFT traders.
  • WGMI.io – Deal Call with Excheqr, a leading security platform to manage digital assets across chains.



GCR’s Pawtastic GMween – GCR spookiest event of the year playing scary games and giving out GCR prizes only to the smartest trick-or-treaters. Boo!


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