GCR Community Events Recap

GCR Community Events Recap

Lets recap the recent GCR Community Events.


GCR Korea Meetup 

GCR-KR Community Meetup happened on December 10th and had over 10 members gather around on a chilly Winter afternoon. Key topics of the discussion were around GCR, crypto research and participation in the GCR community. Despite the ‘bear market,’ people were engaged and willing to step up and participate! We are excited about our GCR Korean community.

GCR Singapore Meetup

The GCR Singapore Community Meetup was held on September 30, 2022 during Asia Crypto Week. More than 30 members participated and the event included workshops led by core team members, where all aspects of GCR were introduced. The investment DAO model was a topic of interest among new members and the topic was discussed throughout the afternoon.



Disco – Disco is an identity platform for the Metaverse.


GCR Xmas ’22 had a holly jolly collaboration with Tokenomics DAO for a Twitter Spaces Christmas event that was nothing short of spectacular. We explored and shared ideas on the tokenomics of Web3 protocols and blockchain applications. Thanks to everyone who joined us and made it a memorable one!


https://generalist.com/briefing/social-tokens $GCR Research organization and investment firm, Global Coin Research, runs off of its native token, $GCR. Owners get access to content, research calls, and events. If your holding is large enough, you can also access private investments.

https://player.fm/series/liquid-web3-crypto-investing Liquid Web3: Crypto Investing is a podcast series that delves into the world of crypto investing. The show features expert guests who share their insights and strategies for successfully navigating the ever evolving crypto market. From discussing the latest trends and developments to analyzing specific coins and projects, this series offers a wealth of information for anyone interested in crypto investing. 


CharmVerse digs in: Investment DAOs (ft. @TheJinKang & @Arthur – @ArthurZubkoff)


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