GCR Community Events Recap – February 2023

GCR Community Events Recap – February 2023


ETHDenver 2023 was off the hook!

The recent ETHDenver meetup was an absolute blast! From February 24th to March 5th, 2023, the GCR community gathered together in the beautiful city of Denver to celebrate all things crypto and blockchain. The excitement was palpable as members from all corners of the world flew in to join the event. It was a great opportunity for everyone to meet face-to-face, catch up on the latest industry news, and share ideas and insights. The highlight of the event, of course, was the GCR Community Meetup. It was a chance for everyone to mingle, share stories, and make new friends. The energy in the room was electric as attendees bonded over their shared passion for GCR and Web3!

GCR Community Events

GCR Community Events
GCR Community Events

GCR Community Events


  • GCR On-Chain Investigations w/ Nick – An in-depth session on data analytics, investment analysis, and what’s been happening “on-chain” in the past few weeks.
  • GCR Workshop Series: Analyzing Helium Token Economics – GCR Workshop Series is a community-led event series about different topics covering everything from global news, economy, and politics, to Crypto & Web3. Learn about the Helium protocol token economic models, the value of utility tokens, and real-world use cases.
  • GCR Investor Deep Dive: Simiao Li, Maverick CryptoSimiao Li is the founder and CIO of Maverick Crypto, a digital assets fund with a flexible mandate across various types of tokens (fungibles, NFTs, yield-bearing tokens) primarily operating in public markets. Prior to launching Maverick, Simiao was an investor at Bridgewater.
  • GCR Town HallGCR Town Hall is a Monthly forum for all Community Members to come together, ask questions, and discuss anything related to our DAO. It serves as a space for open communication and engagement between community members and the Core Team. Topics can range from the health of our PortCos, how the DAO runs and meeting all the team members IRL.. to literally anything.


  • Demo & AMA Call with Footprint AnalyticsFootprint Analytics is a tool to uncover and visualize data across the blockchain, including NFT and GameFi data. It currently collects, parses, and cleans data from 24 chains and lets users build charts and dashboards without code using a drag-and-drop interface as well as with SQL or Python.


  • LunarCrush – LunarCrush is a social intelligence research and data platform covering cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and stocks.



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