GCR Community Events Recap

GCR Community Events Recap

Let’s recap the GCR community events.


  • GCR Investor Deep Dive: Anthony, Nima, & Timour | Seed Club VC Seed Club Ventures is a Venture DAO backing early-stage founders building at the intersection of Web3 and community.
  • GCR On-Chain Investigations w/ Nick – An in-depth session on data analytics, investment analysis, and what’s been happening “on-chain” in the past few weeks.
  • GCR Town HallGCR Town Hall is a Monthly forum for all Community Members to come together, ask questions, and discuss anything related to our DAO. It serves as a space for open communication and engagement between community members and the Core Team. Topics can range from the health of our PortCos, how the DAO runs, and meeting all the team members IRL.. to literally anything. 
  • GCR Recap: IRL at ETHDenver 2023 Led by GCR Core Team, GCR recap on the freshest alpha from the most recent crypto event in Denver, Colorado – ETHDenver 2023.



  • Sei Network – Sei Network is the first sector-specific Layer 1 blockchain, specialized for trading.
  • Arpeggi – Arpeggi Labs is a Web3 infrastructure for the future of music creation.



  • Crypto Investment Insights from Former Bridgewater Macro Investor Simiao Li: Prioritizing Native Assets, NFTs, and Investment Ideas
  • Recognizing Joyce Yang Founder of Global Coin Research: Leader and Innovator in Web3 Space
  • AMA with Arthur Zubkoff Program Manager of Global Coin Research: Insights into the Mission and Structure of the Crypto Research and Investment DAO
  • Exploring the Rise of DAOs in the Media Industry: Examples and Implications 
  • VC Resources for Undergraduates: Following Global Coin Research and other accounts for Internship opportunities
  • Analyse Asia’s Latest Episode: Recent Depegging of USDC with Guest Cosmo Jiang from Global Coin Research
  • GCR Joins Leading Investors: Magic Eden’s $130M Series B Round for Multi-Chain NFT Platform
  • The Future of Venture Capital Investment DAOs: Taking Center Stage including FLAMINGO, Global Coin Research and BanklessDAO
  • Recap of AMA with Riad from Cubist: Managing Web3 Development Workflows hosted by Global Coin Research
  • Scenius Studio Podcast with Joyce Yang, Founder of Global Coin Research: Female Leadership in Crypto and Community-led Investment

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