GCR Community Events Recap – April 2023

GCR Community Events Recap – April 2023


NFT.NYC 2023

GCR organized a casual gathering for our community and contributors during NFT NYC 2023. We had engaging conversations about exciting possibilities in the world of NFT-fi, particularly focusing on the growing interest in the Milady collection. Moreover, we remain highly optimistic about the future of generative art and NFT technology like ERC-6551, which constantly pushes the limits of what can be achieved with these incredible smart contracts.


  • GCR Workshop Series: DAO Setup in EU & Global Competition GCR Workshop Series is a community-led event series about different topics covering everything from global news, economy, and politics, to Crypto & Web3.
  • GCR On-Chain Investigations w/ Nick – An in-depth session on data analytics, investment analysis, and what’s been happening “on-chain” in the past few weeks.
  • GCR Investor Deep Dive: Peter Pan, Hydra Ventures Hydra Ventures is the first dedicated fund backing investment DAOs. Operating as a DAO, Hydra’s mission is to proliferate community-first investing across all of Web3. 
  • GCR Recap: IRL at NFT.NYC 2023 Led by GCR Core Team, GCR recap on the freshest alpha from the most recent crypto event in New York City – NFT.NYC 2023.
  • GCR Town Hall – GCR Town Hall is a Monthly forum for all Community Members to come together, ask questions, and discuss anything related to our DAO. It serves as a space for open communication and engagement between community members and the Core Team. Topics can range from the health of our PortCos, how the DAO runs, and meeting all the team members IRL.. to literally anything. 


  • AMA call with prePOprePO is a decentralized trading platform allowing anyone, anywhere to gain exposure to any pre-public asset.
  • Demo & AMA call with BUKBuk is an NFT-based hotel inventory distribution infrastructure and secondary marketplace/ Buk will be sharing a detailed Demo of a tokenized hotel room booking platform which aims to enable the trading of hotel rooms.
  • Demo & AMA call with OG.Art OG.Art is a platform and a launchpad for dynamic NFT art collections and a completely new approach to creative collaboration.


  • Orb – Orb is a mobile app for Web3 social built for user privacy + creator monetization first, powered by Lens Protocol.



  • LayerZero Labs gains support from top investors and companies to solve cross-chain communication challenges
  • Stay Ahead in Web3 Investing with GCR Community: Your Source for Latest Trends and Insights
  • Explore Lyn Alden’s Dollar Predictions, LayerZero Labs’ Raise, and NFTs in Luxury Fashion on GCR Weekly
  • How to Invest in Web3: Insights from Experts on Navigating a Dynamic Landscape

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