GCR Community Events Recap – July 2023

GCR Community Events Recap – July 2023


EthCC ‘23 (Berthillon Ice Cream Hangout!)

At EthCC, GCR teamed up with Paris’s finest ice cream maker for a delectable surprise. Attendees indulged in an array of artisanal flavors while forging new friendships amidst blockchain discussions.

Laughter, ice cream, and innovation merged in a memorable event that left hearts and taste buds satisfied.

EthCC ‘23 (Worldcoin Brunch)

During EthCC in Paris, the Worldcoin x GCR Brunch exuded vibrant energy. Distinguished figures from diverse projects and partner organizations worldwide gathered to converse about the future of Orb and community adoption.

This launch signifies an exciting milestone that is poised to ignite a significant surge in Web3 onboarding.


  • GCR On-Chain Investigations w/ Nick – An in-depth session on data analytics, investment analysis, and what’s been happening “on-chain” in the past few weeks.
  • GCR Investor Deep Dive: Diogenes Casares, Warp Capital – Diogenes Casares is the founder of Warp Capital. Warp Capital is a crypto investment fund with a focus on special situations.
  • GCR Town Hall – GCR Town Hall is a Monthly forum for all Community Members to come together, ask questions, and discuss anything related to our DAO. It serves as a space for open communication and engagement between community members and the Core Team. Topics can range from the health of our PortCos, how the DAO runs, and meeting all the team members IRL.. to literally anything. 



  • Spreading Joy and Patriotism on the 4th of July: Celebrating Independence Day with Enthusiasm!
  • Unleashing Manta Pacific: Empowering Next-Gen ZK App Development with the MANTA Team
  • Crypto Industry’s Live Trivia: A Blend of Fun and Networking at Coinage’s Live Trivia
  • ICYMI: Exploring the Future of Fully On-Chain Games with Industry Experts
  • We have two new exciting proposals – please vote on our Snapshot

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