GCR Community Events Recap – December 2023

GCR Community Events Recap – December 2023

GCR Winter Holiday Extravaganza:

  • GCR is thrilled to unveil an exclusive NFT collection celebrating the Winter 2023 festivities, extending warm wishes to all GCR Members for a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2024. 
  • Join us at https://coinvise.co/GCR/HolidaySpecial2023 and follow the minting requirements steps to be part of the holiday fun!


  • GCR On-Chain Investigations w/ Nick – An in-depth session on data analytics, investment analysis, and what’s been happening “on-chain” in the past few weeks.
  • GCR Town Hall – GCR Town Hall is a Monthly forum for all Community Members to come together, ask questions, and discuss anything related to our DAO. It serves as a space for open communication and engagement between community members and the Core Team. Topics can range from the health of our PortCos, how the DAO runs, and meeting all the team members IRL.. to literally anything. 
  • GCR Investor Deep Dive: Chris Abiaad, Frens Capital – Chris Abiaad is the founder of Frens Capital a thesis-driven investment fund focused on liquid digital assets.


  • Pixels – Pixels is a P2E game previously backed by Animoca, PKO, OpenSea and others. Pixels is building a platform where users can build games that natively integrate digital collectibles.



  • NEAR Horizon Demo Days Launched with a Bang!
  • GCR x Talent Protocol
  • $GCR token verified on Quickswap

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