Global Coin Podcast: Insights from Investors and Operators on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Asia

Global Coin Podcast: Insights from Investors and Operators on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Asia

Our first guest is Benny Giang, co-founder of Cryptokitties, on Cryptokittie’s venture into Asia. We also discuss the $12mn fundraise from Andreessen and CK’s recent reportedly DAUs going down. Download it in the Apple Store

Cryptokitties & Blockchain

We are so thrilled to share our new podcast with you. If you haven’t heard of Benny Giang before, you should follow him now. With Cryptokitties’ success as one of the largest consumer distributed apps and his experience bringing it to China, Benny is one of the most knowledgeable people on the intersection of gaming, Crypto and Asia.

In this first episode, we have a honest and refreshing discussion with Benny about Cryptokitties, including the latest developments and challenges of being one of largest Crypto gaming companies, the team’s experience going to market in Asia and Benny’s unique insights on the future of the Asia blockchain space.

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The topics we discussed in the podcast are quite different and unique from what you typically hear on Crypto podcasts. And frankly, the debates about which coin is better and which token-economic model to adopt are endless until we start seeing mass consumer adoption, and this is what Cryptokitties have achieved and what they continue to focus on.

Cryptokitties was famous for clogging up the Ethereum network, and now the company is venturing overseas and going to market in Asia. As someone who has experienced working in a fast growing startup, I truly value advice from this new generation of global operators who often have to work under entirely new business and regulatory structures, or the lack thereof. Certainly having more Crypto ecosystem funds will be valuable, and could potentially equip the crypto community with more dry powder to make significant developments. But we find that dealing and working with the rest of the world, who don’t understand Crypto or don’t support Crypto, is one of the main obstacles we face as an industry, and companies like Cryptokitties, Coinbase and ConsenSys are all looking to change that.

This is what we care about at the core of Global Coin Research?—?real, tangible impact the industry is making and how people are doing it. What are the new processes and infrastructures created in this new global world, and who are these global operators and groundbreakers? And by the way, all of these conversations will inevitably involve Asia. We would love to talk to people in Binance, Messari, Coinbase and ConsenSys. And if you have anyone else you’d recommend, we’d love to know.

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