Conference Call on the 0x Fork and the Hydro Protocol with DDEX

Join Global Coin Research editor-in-chief Joyce Yang and Tian Li, co-founder and CEO of DDEX, to discuss the 0x fork and the Hydro Protocol.

Last Friday, the team behind DDEX and the Hydro Protocol, announced that they would be forking the 0x protocol and releasing their own implementation. DDEX is the largest relayer in the 0x ecosystem by volume, and accounts for over 33% of the total volume of trades each month. 

This event is particularly worth paying attention to because it is one of the first times we are seeing a Layer 2 project having its token forked. After the DDEX team made their announcement, the 0x team shared a response to the fork.  

Will this be a significant challenge, mutually beneficial, or just a bunch of noise? We will try to determine by the end of this conference call. 


Date: Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Time: 4pm PT – 4:45pm PT / 7:00pm ET – 7:45pm ET

Location: Conference Call

Host: Joyce Yang, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Global Coin Research and Tian Li, co-founder and CEO of DDEX

Format: Tian will kick off by discussing the fork and Hydro, and we’ll leave 25 minutes for questions from the audience

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We will take your questions, and we’ll touch on the following topics and more:

  • Why DDEX decided to fork 0x – was this necessary?
  • The new Hydro protocol and the HOT token – where is this going?
  • DDEX team’s thoughts the ZRX token, and on the topic of governance, one of the key value propositions of the ZRX token
  • The future relationship between 0x and Hydro and outlook on 2019

We discussed DDEX with cofounder Bowen Wang last months in a podcast where we talked about 0x, DEXes, regulatory environment in China and more. Premium subscribers can get direct access to the transcript here.

To learn more about the fork, check out some readings here from Trenton’s analysis, and dydx founder’s tweet thread on 0x.

Dial-in details will be sent approximately 30 minutes before the call. This call is exclusive to subscribers (access to the call is non-transferable). 

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