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GCR Investment Review – Second...

By Cosmo Jiang, Jin Kang, Junney Kang Highlights GCR is a research and investment DAO. As a community, we source investments, conduct research, and diligence,


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BreederDAO NFT Asset Factory is...

TL:DR- BreederDAO is on a tear to disrupt the P2E space. The current market valuation is attractive as the market cap is lower than the

GCR DAO Portfolio GCR Exclusive

GCR Investment Review – First...

Written by Jin Kang and Cosmo Jiang Highlights GCR is a research and investment DAO. As a community, we source investments together, research and diligence

GCR angel network

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Announcing – GCR Angel Network

As part of GCR 2.0, we’re excited to introduce a brand new initiative - GCR Angel Network. When GCR first started, our vision was to

socket multichain framework raise

Press Release

Socket Announces $5M Raise Led...

Socket also announces Bungee, an app built upon Socket aiming to enable seamless cross-chain swaps for users March 10, 2022 –  Socket (previously Movr Network)

Espresso blockchain

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Announcing Espresso Systems: Bringing Low-Fee,...

March 7, 2022 – Today Espresso Systems announces its plans to build the infrastructure to underpin a more scalable and more private future of Web3.

GCR 2.0

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GCR 2.0

Since GCR launched, we’ve grown tremendously.  With 3,000+ members and 30%+ MoM growth in membership, we’ve deployed $30M+ as an investment DAO in 30+ deals.

gcr treasury diversification

GCR Announcement GCR Exclusive

IDEO, 1kx, Founders of YGG,...

Other participants include IDEO, 1kx, Valhalla Capital, and HanDAO among other strategic angels. Global Coin Research (“GCR”), a research and investment DAO focused on Web3,

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Seashell Unveils Inflation-Resistant Savings App...

Seed round was co-led by Khosla Ventures and Kindred Ventures, joined by Mark Cuban, Vlad Tenev, Elad Gil, Coinbase Ventures, and more. SEATTLE, Jan. 13,