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$GCR nft drop birthday

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$GCR 6 Months Bday NFT...

GCR friends and fam, Every now and then something big comes along but like all big things, they start off small. In just 6 months,

axie happy hour

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NYC Happy Hour with Axie...

Join Axie co-founder, Jihoz for happy hour in NYC's Ktown. Come celebrate Axie's growth. Register here. Time And Location Date and time Fri, October 1,

gcr global coin research

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What is Global Coin Research?

$GCR is a Tokenized Community of Researchers and Investors in the crypto space. Join our community today to get access to all the best investments


The Liquid Podcast: SEC Commissioner...

Remember to Rate and Review Our Podcast! For the show today, I'm thrilled to share with you a special replay of my interview with Commissioner

handao nft

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The Liquid Podcast: HanDAO and...

This podcast is sponsored by Global Coin Research. Global Coin Research is community of crypto readers, writers, and investors with direct access to high quality


The Liquid Podcast: Private Market...

Bobby Cho joins us as a Partner at CMS Holdings. CMS is a principal investment firm focused on crypto assets. In our conversation, Bobby shares


The Liquid Podcast: Building Communities...

Peter Pan joins us from 1kx. Peter shares his journey of how he broke his way into the crypto space, his learnings from building Metacartel


The Liquid Podcast: The Defi...

Qiao Wang is a Partner at The Defi Alliance. Qiao previously started building a crypto asset information platform at Messari to educate the general public


The Liquid Podcast: The Future...

For the show today, I'm thrilled to welcome Aaron Wright, co-founder of OpenLaw. OpenLaw conceived LAO and Flamingo DAO, which are the most successful DAOs